Young Strong Mothers Foundation

Young Strong Mothers Foundation

Having the fact that I walked the same path most of teenage mothers walk today, I created a desire to start Young Strong

Mothers Foundation with vision of becoming a home of hope, inspiration and solutions for the vulnerable young mothers and their children, to date I have supported 760 young mothers in the Morogoro region who now have jobs, education, skills and business, also I bought 10 acres of land where I dream to set the home of hope, solutions and inspiration where teenage mothers and their children will have a place to learn, play, get right information on health issues and meet with people who will inspire, train and empower them without discriminating or judging.

Not all teenage mothers can fight the fight I fought, walking from being an orphan, street single teenage mother, maid to a CEO, to the alumni of Mandela Washington fellowship 2019 and a partner of Segal family foundation that gave me an opportunity to meet with incredible, supportive and loving people whom most of them I made partners and friends. This is why I started to be great, I never wanted to wait to be great to start so that I can I become an example to many that teenage mothers still have a chance when are supported and given access to opportunities just like other children in the families and communities.

The number of teenage and young mothers keeps increasing day by day, yet we have very limited resources and cannot meet our annual budget, With the determinations, capacity and willingness to meet our vision with your support we can make it.

I believe that we all have our weaknesses, we have pasts that are hard to bear but if we use the problems that we are facing in our countries as an opportunity without having shame or fear, and then we can bring about the change that we all dream to meet. I did it, I am still doing it, I now invite you to experience the joy of doing it.

Jackie Leonard Bomboma
Founder and CEO
Young Strong Mothers Foundation