Child Protection

Child Protection

Child program mainly focusing on child care for children of young mothers.

According to UNICEF Tanzania Challenge “The 2009 Tanzania Violence against Children Survey revealed the extent to which, children are sexually assaulted, raped, physically attacked, and emotionally abused. Close to three-quarters of 13 to17-year-olds report having been slapped, punched, beaten, or threatened with a weapon by a relative, authority figure or intimate partner. The practice of physical violence is deeply rooted in cultural beliefs and norms and further reinforced by legal frameworks that legitimize the physical discipline of children at home and in schools. Domestic violence is also generally accepted in families. A quarter of children have been called bad names, made to feel unwanted, or threatened with abandonment, all of which constitute emotional abuse. Abuse is rarely reported as the perpetrators are usually known to the abused child. Children also do not know where to go for care, treatment, and support. Very few children have birth certificates, making it difficult to access social services and legal protection. Early marriage (before the age of 18) is common in Tanzania. This exposes young girls to the risk of violence. Children in conflict with the law are not served by a child-friendly justice system and are often treated like criminals, rather than as victims of parental neglect, poverty, and violence. Many are confined in prisons with adults, which also increases their vulnerability to further violence
and abuse”.

Most of the children of teen and young mothers face all the challenges mentioned above due to the fact that are raised by single, poor, and uneducated young mothers. Normally, are a burden to families, their fathers, societies, and relatives before they were born to the time of their growing up.

What YSMF Does;

Provide psychosocial counseling offered by social workers
Finding various opportunities to support their basic needs especially education materials
We provide community advocacy to end discrimination and bullying among the children of teen and young mothers
We collaborate with other stakeholders to advocate for harmful policies which hinder the lives and rights of children
We provide education, economic and health support to their mothers so that they can be raised in a peaceful environment and are able to be provided by all basic needs.