Womens Right

Womens Right

Advocacy and awareness on gender based violence and women’s rights Unlike other countries, 

Tanzania is one of few countries that tend to be blind to teen and young mothers by discriminating against them, denies them the right to education which vandalizes their dreams and brings them to the future of extreme violence and poverty. Teen and young mothers live without family, social or government support yet are denied by the men responsible. 

They live under maximum poverty because of the types of jobs they get, have no skills to be employed in decent jobs, or self-employed. Because of their lifestyle, they all live to face all kinds of violence. We all know that every woman and girl deserves the opportunity to live a life free from violence and discrimination of all kinds that is why the Young Strong Mothers Foundation stands strong to advocate and create awareness on Gender-Based Violence and women's rights for the vulnerable teen and young mothers in Tanzania. We aim at increasing general sensitivity, understanding, and knowledge about gender inequality, exchange of ideas, to pass over right information about gender, to display the evidence, to fact and raise issues based on gender and women's rights and increase understanding on various issues. Apart from rising up women’s voices on sexual harassment and denied of opportunities, Young Strong Mothers Foundation is raising up for the teen and young mother’s right to education, ending discrimination and finding various opportunities for them to live a free, happy and independent life.

These are the main activities that YSMF focus on:-

Raising Voices
Finding opportunities
Educate the next generation
Encouraging others to get involved
Sharing the right information

Be part of us by offering your skills, resources or pay for advocacy and awareness creation event.