Economy Empowerment

Economy Empowerment

Economic empowerment mainly in entrepreneurship skills
Economic Empowerment project is one of the most needed programs by the victim of teenage pregnancy, it gives them an

opportunity to learn and lead them to quick food on the table. As YSMF we aim to support these unskilled young women to acquire income-earning skills to support their children and secondly, to reduce discrimination and continuous poverty from a mother to a child. By providing economic opportunities, YSMF empowers young mothers to take positive control over their lives and stand strong to rebuild their future. This project strives to unleash the business potential of teen and young mothers through

Increasing Gender equality and women empowerment hence the creations of enterprises and jobs for improved incomes. This project also strives to achieve the MDGs goal 1-5.

Our Activities

Tailoring and garment designing skills
Soup and cleaning detergent making
Home decoration skills

We can’t change the yesterday of young mother but we can support to rebuild their tomorrow