Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

Promoting access to right information for awareness on health issues mainly focusing on mental health support,

counselling, and sexual and reproductive health

YSMF believe that all young people under 18 years should enjoy the full range of human rights, including Sexual and Reproductive Health rights that is why we encourage, we create awareness and advocating for the emotional and mental health of teen and young mothers and their children. Being a mother below the age of 18 comes with many challenges associated with a range of adverse outcomes for young mothers, including mental health problems such as depression, substance abuse, and posttraumatic stress disorder. Raising a child at a young age destroys the teen and young mothers emotionally which lead to physical harm and endless trauma to them and their children as well.

YSMF Offer:-

Psychological counseling and Personal development training
Home visiting program; YSMF train and encourage the families the advantages and disadvantages of support their      children or abandoning them without any support.
YSMF strive to support the teen and young mothers by addressing stigma and discrimination also advocate for their rights as children or young women.
We collaborate with health care providers to offer their skills and awareness creation on various issues as young parents and also how to prevent repeating pregnancy.
YSMF empower adolescent and young mothers to have a voice and get involved in various events and platform to express their needs and wants

The support we offer to vulnerable teens and young mothers helps to balance personal life, their basic need, and parenting. We encourage them to have self-expression, self-esteem and help them to deal with difficult emotions by challenging feelings of loss, low self-worth, and lack of ability and give them back agency over their own lives for their own heath and that of their children.